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two and three ply roof

Two Ply Roof Solution

The 2 ply system consists of a fiber base sheet with a self adhering modified base attached to it, which is considered the first layer. The second layer is the Modified Bitumen Torch Down membrane which includes embedded ceramic granules for protection against harmful ultraviolet light.

Two-Ply roofing systems are a viable alternative to other solutions.

This roofing system consists of two layers mechanically fastened or chemically adhered to create a single yet more efficient and highly water-tight membrane. Since Bellator Roofing utilizes self-adhering Elastoflex SA base and cap membranes and Omniseal self-adhered base and cap sheets, the need for special installation equipment, adhesives, and hot asphalt is eliminated.

In addition, the non-woven material of this roofing system resists punctures and enhances its weathering performance. Due to this double layer of protection against seeping water, Two-Ply roofs are regarded as relatively better, safer, and longer-lasting.

Three Ply Roof Solution

A 3-Ply Hybrid BUR differs from other membrane options due to its combination of a 1ply base sheet with two plies of glass felt that enhances the performance of the membrane with a quicker installation time and less weight on the roofing system itself. A 3-ply roofing system can be a great option for building owners looking for a quick turnaround time for installation, but this kind of membrane isn’t one size fits all.  If you’re considering a 3-ply BUR system for your building, here are our top considerations before you make your decision.

No Flame: A 3-ply system has a wide range of temperatures to install the roof membrane. This means that a no-flame or low-flame installation is possible. This is extremely helpful when fire is a concern for the building or structure in question.

Low Odor: When installing a 3-ply membrane, low-odor asphalt is an option. Low-odor asphalt is often used in structures where odor is a main concern (food preparation) or when repairs/replacements are being done while the building is still open and functional.

Quick Installation: If time is of the essence, 3-ply systems can be installed quickly without sacrificing performance due to the 1 SBS base sheet combined with 2 plies of glass felt.  It is possible to install the 1 ply of base sheet and be watertight.  The 2 plies of glass felt could be installed at a later time, if necessary, due to changing weather patterns etc.

Class A Fire Rating: Use of aggregate cover (pea gravel) yields a Class A fire rated assembly, which exceeds building code requirement for a Class C fire rating. This could save on your insurance costs for your building, and also offer peace of mind if fire is a concern for your structure.

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